About. An ‘end-to-end’ service helping reduce NRW wastage all over the world.

LDRM Group has been formed due to exponential demand for an ‘end-to-end’ service for the water industry and water companies all over the world to reduce NRW wastage.

We have combined award-winning AI leak detection technology that quickly and efficiently detects, and locates NRW leaks. With the deployment of our highly skilled international project, leakage management, civils, excavation and dig teams, we deliver the highest standards which are constantly scrutinised and improved to give our customers unparalleled service.

“No one can stop leaks from happening altogether, but with LDRM we can find them sooner and fix them faster.”

Common questions

We can deploy the FIDO AI ‘bugs’ on day one. >92% accurate leak or no leak, with leak sizing is provided and after correlation we are ready to blue line the leak location, in preparation for the dig teams to start work. We can be at this stage within 24 hours! The sooner we start the repair process, the sooner your NRW rates reduce.

FIDO is a UK based software company that is dedicated to constantly improving the award-winning FIDO AI leak detection solution. It is vendor agnostic, so is able to provide accurate detection on existing assets (acoustic loggers, hydrophones etc.), provide ‘bugs’ free of charge, so you can deploy over a larger area to reduce NRW rates quickly. You only pay for the accurate (>92%) data we provide on your leak locations. FIDO has a long road map of improvements, new services and enhancements, so we look forward to sharing these with you.

We are an experienced team that can start reducing your NRW rates within 24 hours, project managed by UK water company trained engineers with decades of experience. We know what we are doing and believe in our technology to provide the required results. Full service means we work with existing in-country resources to deploy, detect, locate and repair within 24 hours, prioritising the largest leaks first. The award-winning FIDO AI service can provide the world’s first leak sizing data so we can prioritise large, medium and small in that order of repair.

With the help of accurate (>92%) detect and locate service from FIDO AI, we are able to locate a leak with precision. We even know the size of the leak so we can priortise the largest first. Knowing exactly where the leak is located eliminates wasted time and money on ‘dry’ digs. FIDO AI can confirm pipe material and, in most cases, it has identified the nature of the leak, i.e longitudinal or circumference. This means we can bring the correct method(s) of repair with us to the dig to repair immediately and accurately the first time. Having the above information allows the dig teams to repair on average 6 leaks per day, a significant increase on standard performing teams. The quicker we can repair, the quicker we reduce NRW rates.

Leaks will constantly appear on the network due to many different factors, including; age, damage, subsidence, ingress from civil works, etc. We can identify current (including legacy) leaks accurately and swiftly repair those leaks. Once those leaks are repaired, we can then monitor the network 24/7 to identify new leaks and repair those. Leaving the FIDO AI bugs in place provides this service, plus will eventually lead to digitisation of the network, which will allow predictive analysis of the network, so we can prevent leaks occurring. The quicker we can accurately detect, locate and repair leaks, the faster we can reduce NRW rates. This often leads to greater overall savings, for example – less water required from expensive desalination plants.

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