Leak Detect & Locate. Calculating the size of leaks from the noises they make with speed and accuracy.

Our ground-breaking full-service delivers the world’s first AI leak detection and sizing by FIDO Tech.

With 92% accuracy, FIDO AI detects and locates leaks from the noises they make at a speed and accuracy humans can’t match. FIDO’s ability to calculate the size of leaks and the pipe material to fix – which humans can’t do – really sets it apart from other services. Knowing exactly where the largest leaks are, enables our ground teams to prioritise the worst leaks first, saving more water within the network.

The FIDO family.


At the heart of FIDO’s powerful leak detection solution is an AI algorithm that has been expertly tuned to recognise the auditory evidence of water leaks. With an accuracy rate of >92%, FIDO AI is the only technology that can decipher the size of leaks.

FIDO Sweep

Make the most out of FIDO’s game-changing AI with FIDO Sweep. There’s no need for existing loggers or sensors with Sweep – data is gathered via the simple-to-use FIDO Bugs. The information is then analysed by the super accurate FIDO AI.

FIDO Correlation

Right-first-time water leak location avoids dry digs, cuts run-time and reduces water loss faster. With Cloud Correlation, FIDO harnesses the power of cloud-computing to locate leaks exactly.

FIDO Relay

With new FIDO Relay, FIDO gives leak teams total control of FIDO AI from wherever they are. Eradicating the need for the lengthy, costly, skilled human intervention required to accurately find, size and locate leaks in real-time.