FIDO Correlation. Harnesses the power of cloud-computing to locate leaks.

Right-first-time water leak location avoids dry digs, cuts run-time and reduces water loss faster. With Cloud Correlation, FIDO harnesses the power of cloud-computing to locate leaks exactly. 

Traditional correlation requires trained operators to use specialist edge devices. Using such legacy technology can prove to be expensive and time consuming.

FIDO Cloud Correlation removes human error because there’s no need to input location, pipe material or distance.

Simple palm-sized samplers called FIDO Bugs, which come free with a FIDO AI subscription, collect all of the acoustic data. Then FIDO AI does the super accurate analysis in the Cloud. Instant results are delivered direct to an engineer’s phone.

Cloud vs Edge

Correlating water leaks in the Cloud has several advantages over traditional edge devices.

First, you have access to far more computing power with which to correctly identify leak noise frequency.

Second, with the FIDO AI model, it automatically detects pipe material and applies the right combination of filters and mathematical modelling to deliver accurate leak location. FIDO Cloud Correlation includes a more complex filtering process than any hand-held device would be able to manage.

Third, you can integrate your ARC GIS network data to generate location and distance data without manual input.

Lastly, data is never lost. You can store all the information about the leak and its location permanently in the Cloud for future reference.