FIDO Relay. Eradicating the need for the lengthy, costly, human intervention.

With new FIDO Relay, FIDO gives leak teams total control of FIDO AI from wherever they are. Eradicating the need for the lengthy, costly, skilled human intervention required to accurately find, size and locate leaks in real-time.

Innovators working to rid the world of water leaks have unveiled the next evolution of FIDO AI – the powerful algorithm which is taking the global water sector by storm.

Pioneering UK software firm FIDO Tech has launched FIDO Relay which gives engineers all the benefits of FIDO AI without having to go to site.

With Relay, leak teams can spot, size, monitor and locate hidden pipe breaks using FIDO AI without the need for on-site human intervention – and without leaving the office.

The disruption continues

FIDO has disrupted traditional proprietary models of acoustic leak detection by giving away its own sensors for free, removing human error from leak detection and, for the first time ever, telling engineers where to find the largest leaks. This allows teams to fix the biggest first and save more water.

Relay is a small simple IoT add-on device for FIDO sensors which allows engineers to instruct and receive real-time data from them remotely for the first time.

This opens up the ability to detect leaks as soon as they happen, calculate their size and then correlate their location between any two FIDO sensors within minutes without leaving the office. This process currently takes days or weeks for most utility companies.