COP27, the largest world climate summit will take place in the Egyptian coastal city of Sharm el-Sheik from 6 to 18 November. The attendees will include Heads of State, ministers and negotiators, along with climate activists, mayors, civil society representatives and CEOs.

Under the slogan “together for implementation”, the summit will be the “COP of action” and also the “African COP”. Water looks set to be a key theme at, with Egypt promising to drive action.

Battling the water crisis

Due to climate change, water-related events like floods and droughts are occurring more frequently and with greater severity. With a 2°C global temperature rise, 3 billion people could face physical water scarcity – this will drastically affect Africa and other climate-vulnerable regions.

A key priority of the Egyptian COP event is water security. If all governments, businesses and innovators reinforce their commitment to the environment at COP27, we may be able to avert the impending crisis.

At the conference, WaterAid will call on governments to prioritise investment in water, sanitation and hygiene to help the most vulnerable cope with and survive the effects of climate change. Urgent water solutions are key to achieving a sustainable and resilient net-zero future.

Leak detection through innovation

Few nations have the natural and financial resources to keep expanding their water supply, according to the UN – the only other option is to make better use of the resources available. Some corporations are already making changes in this arena – for example, Microsoft and Accenture, but this needs to happen at a greater pace if the world is to reach its desired targets.

Globally, more than 45 million cubic metres per day are lost through leakage, hence why our focus should be on reducing non-revenue water (NRW). Thanks to FIDO AI, there is now a solution to leak detection that doesn’t require expensive permanent sensors, district metered areas, hydraulic models and digital replicas of water distribution systems.

Using data gathered from free hardware, FIDO AI detects leaks in any area – even those with no existing smart technology. Not only can the software locate a leak with more than 92% accuracy, but it can also identify the size thus giving utilities the power to prioritise repairs depending on severity.


FIDO Tech is set to be featured in the UK Pavilion – the location where British climate action innovations and solutions will be showcased to an audience of global decision makers. The company’s CEO, Victoria Edwards has also been invited to speak at the United Nations of Climate Change Conference within the ‘Green Zone’ on Thursday 10th at 10:00 (EST). The panel will discuss “Future business goals & smart cities. – How can businesses deliver and benefit from their climate target. – Infrastructure, construction, communications and sustainable education.”

For more information on the event, visit the FIDO website.

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