Panel discussion on attitudes to AI in the water sector.

What does the water sector really think of AI?

Panel discussion on attitudes to AI in the water sector

In a fascinating discussion, FIDO CRO Dermot O’Kelly leads a panel of global water and tech experts as they explore this rich and important theme.

Must-see viewing for managers, innovators and developers.

Panel moderator Dermot O’Kelly

  • What are the main barriers to AI acceptance in the sector?
  • Are water companies more likely to buy AI or build their own?
  • Will companies ever fully trust AI?
  • Is the perceived cost of water hindering investment?

Can humans trust AI?

The video is a recording of a virtual discussion at the Global Water AI Innovation Congress in April 2021.

For details of the survey referred to in the discussion and links to more FIDO videos from the Congress, visit the event page below.

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