Seven good reasons leak location is best done in the cloud.

Accurate localisation of leaks in water pipes is a challenging task for any leakage engineer.

Seven good reasons leak location is best done in the cloud

Correlation using synchronised vibration detection sensors is a common technique. This involves collecting leak noise signals from sensor nodes and applying signal processing algorithms to locate the leak.

With traditional correlators, an engineer needs to carry a special processing device such as a tablet or laptop to apply the correlation method and get the location of the leak. It requires skills and knowledge to successfully operate the equipment.

FIDO Cloud Correlation provides a simpler and effective method to correlate leak noise by taking advantage of cloud-based processing. In this case, all a leak engineer needs are two simple drop-and-go FIDO Bugs and a user-friendly FIDO application on their personal mobile phone.

The operator simply sets the Bugs using his smartphone app, taps the two devices together to synchronise them and places them on assets either side of a known leak.

The Bugs’ simultaneous sensor measurements are collected and uploaded to FIDO AI via the app for auto signal processing, and exact location results are received back on the mobile phone interface within seconds.

There are several reasons why cloud-based processing has key advantages over traditional correlators:

One: Less specialist kit

Cloud Correlation does not require specialised equipment such as tablets or laptops thus reducing the equipment cost as compared to traditional correlators.

Two: More processing power

Cloud-based processing allows the option of using high processing capabilities and memory storage as compared to traditional correlators that are limited to a tablet or laptop’s in-built capabilities.

Three: No special training

No special skills are needed with Cloud Correlation as an operator only needs to follow a few easy steps on the mobile application to get the instant result.

Four: Better data retention

Managing and storing historical data on correlation points and leak repairs is a challenging task for water utility companies. Cloud Correlation stores key information permanently as a valuable historical data source

Five: Simplified adoption at scale

Cloud Correlation significantly simplifies the adoption of correlation techniques for water utility companies for large volumes of operations.

Six: Seamless improvement

In Cloud Correlation, any potential modification in background processing can be applied seamlessly without any interruption to the service or any additional training for users.

Seven: Options for future service enhancement

Valuable data in the cloud paves the way for data analysts to develop more enhanced and sophisticated methods to improve the service structure of water utility companies.

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