FIDO AI deploys remotely in Brisbane during COVID.

Detection Services eliminates false positives caused by noisy construction work and easily deploys FIDO AI remotely during the COVID pandemic.

FIDO AI deploys remotely in Brisbane during COVID

The Challenge

Detection Services found that acoustic loggers in a Queensland metropolitan area were giving some false positives. This was due to loud background noise coming from nearby major construction work.

The company needed to improve accuracy quickly while under COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. It also wanted to reduce leakage and maintain service standards for its customers

The FIDO AI Solution

FIDO AI was the perfect solution during the COVID pandemic because it deploys remotely and with no time-consuming integration. It is sensor and platform agnostic, so it can be used with any file. It is also cloud-based. With API access, FIDO was able to connect easily to the client’s logger estate half way round the world without face-to-face manual set-up.

FIDO’s unique algorithm focusses on the sound and vibrations only real leaks create. So, intermittent background construction noise which triggers sensor alarms was no longer a barrier. FIDO also automatically processes sensor alarms immediately, generating accurate results as easy, visual daily leak location reports. These results led Detection Services staff to a number of significant leaks. FIDO’s service has subsequently expanded to include the new leak-sizing function so analysts can prioritise leaks the largest leaks first.

The Results

FIDO is accurately locating leaks by size for Detection Services. As a result, the company continues to meet its contractual obligations in complex circumstances, while tackling leakage and maintaining service standards for customers.

Plus, because FIDO’s leak alarm analysis is simpler and more accurate, it is demonstrating the benefit of previous investment in sensors more clearly. As a result, Detection Services reports that its client is considering expanding its logger estate with FIDO AI as a critical part of their strategy.

Acoustic loggers are already a feature of many water networks but they can be affected by external factors such as nearby traffic or construction noise. Traditionally, proprietary software and the human ear were used to decide whether a noise was a leak or not. FIDO all but eliminates that uncertainty and its functionality and ease of use makes it applicable in a range of situations.”Chris Evans, General manager